"Make a wish"

Friends in the Lord

It takes a great deal of wisdom and closeness to God to trust a community that is smaller and younger than one's own, and to make room for it. To all of those people who have chosen to walk a part of the "journey" with the Chemin Neuf Community, we asked them to express a wish. Thank you for your re...


We are members of each other

Anne-Cathy Graber

Following the Chapter, the Community celebrated its 50th anniversary by inviting around a hundred "friends in the Lord" to a day of fellowship, celebration and reflection. Four round tables, with the participation of leading church figures such as Archbishop J. Welby and Cardinal J-M Aveline, addres...

The beginnings of the Youth Fraternity

May God give us a home for students!

Jacques Monfort

In the prayer group that had been meeting at 49, Montée du Chemin Neuf, every Tuesday evening since 1973, we suddenly saw, towards the end of 1980, more and more young students. Fr Laurent Fabre thought it would be a good idea for them to alternate: on one Tuesday, these young people would come to ...

The grace of the beginning

Called to give our lives to Christ

Jacqueline Coutellier

Among the seven single people who started a community life in Montée du Chemin Neuf (Lyon) in the autumn of 1973, Jacqueline Coutellier, a young woman from Lyon attracted by religious life, would soon become one of the pillars of the Community. The story of the "small beginning" of Chemin Neuf give...


Three points of hope for our next 50 years

Laurent Frabre

Father Laurent Fabre founded the Chemin Neuf Community with seven other single people in October 1973, and was its leader until the 2016 General Chapter. Today, he expresses his wishes for the future of the Community: to remain faithful to its ecumenical vocation, to continue to follow "poor and hum...


Enter the celebration

Nicole Fabre

"Celebrate God!" This call resounds again and again throughout the biblical writings, particularly in the book of Psalms, where it is addressed to the people gathered in the temple. The roots translated into French by this verb are diverse. They give rise to a real symphony, rich in varied nuances. ...

Tradition orthodoxe

Ramener l’esprit vers Dieu

Ludmilla Mampouya

Il n’est pas facile pour les fidèles orthodoxes de décrire ce qui dans notre tradition nous aide à entrer dans la dimension du Royaume, dans ce face-à-face avec le Seigneur. Toutefois, je vous partage ici ce qui m’aide et me touche personnellement : l’expérience de la lumière à travers ...

Interview : prière et tradition juive

Naître à un cœur orienté

Debbie Shoua Haim est née et vit à Jérusalem. Elle est rabbin dans le Judaisme libéral. Sa mission n’est pas liée à une communauté en particulier, mais à l’accompagnement des femmes autour de leur maternité. Lors de notre échange, elle me partage son rapport avec Dieu, la pri...