Charisma and institutions

Charisms, a bridge between God and man

Yola Rzeczewska

At a time when various charisms of the "New Pentecost" are seeking a more appropriate structure in the Church for their greater evangelical usefulness, questions may arise. Are "charism" and "institution" necessarily foreign to each other, and their relationship a reciprocal accusation? And if there...

the prayer corner

Ephesian 4, 1-3

"I urge you in the Lord to lead a life worthy of the call you have received. With all humility, gentleness and patience, bear with one another in charity....


The gentleness of God shown through the brothers of the Community

Rodrigo and Tatiane Pinheiro

We are a Brazilian couple with four children and 21 years of marriage. When we were young, we had a life-changing experience with the Lord. God's love gave new meaning to our personal stories. And it was in this context that we met. Driven by the Holy Spirit, we were young missionaries and wanted to...

First session Cana , July 1980

« A poor man who loves another poor man »

Bruno et Anne-Marie Coutellier

An initial session on the theme of married life brought together some forty members of the Charismatic Renewal in 1975 at La Baume Sainte Marie in the south of France, including some members of the very young Chemin Neuf community. This community, made up of couples and single people, some of whom w...

Leaving Lyon

Heading south!

Frédérique et Philippe Henry

When you think of the Community in Marseille, what springs to mind is the ND du Roucas Centre and the Mazargues parish. However, before these two places were entrusted to us, a whole history was lived, a whole rooting that undoubtedly allowed these stages......

Joint fund

Sharing multiplies

Pierre Laslandes

50 years of life, 50 years of sharing and, as Laurent has often said, "sharing multiplies". The common purse is one aspect of this fifty-year old community life which, in practical terms, links us together in some thirty countries....

The beginnings of the Youth Fraternity

May God give us a home for students!

Jacques Monfort

In the prayer group that had been meeting at 49, Montée du Chemin Neuf, every Tuesday evening since 1973, we suddenly saw, towards the end of 1980, more and more young students. Fr Laurent Fabre thought it would be a good idea for them to alternate: on one Tuesday, these young people would come to ...

The grace of the beginning

Called to give our lives to Christ

Jacqueline Coutellier

Among the seven single people who started a community life in Montée du Chemin Neuf (Lyon) in the autumn of 1973, Jacqueline Coutellier, a young woman from Lyon attracted by religious life, would soon become one of the pillars of the Community. The story of the "small beginning" of Chemin Neuf give...


A time for gratitude

Bruno Cadoré

Invited to the General Chapter held by the Chemin Neuf Community from 7 to 20 August at Hautecombe Abbey, Brother B. Cadoré, op, spoke on several occasions. The FOI team asked him what a jubilee year meant for a Dominican friar....