"Make a wish!"

Friends in the Lord

It takes a great deal of wisdom and closeness to God to trust a community that is smaller and younger than one's own, and to make room for it. To all these people who have chosen to walk a part of the "road" with the Chemin Neuf Community, we asked them to express a wish. Thank you for your response...

Hautecombe celebrates its 50th anniversary

« Church of tomorrow »

Celebrating 50 years of existence is certainly an opportunity to remember and give thanks for the benefits granted by God. But it is also, and this is what the Chemin Neuf Community has chosen to experience, an opportunity to bring together friends from different Christian backgrounds and to look, w...

Serving a parish

The desire of God’s people

Goh Rodrigue Yapi

Since 1994, when Mgr Lustiger entrusted the Chemin Neuf Community with the running of the parish of St Denys de la Chapelle in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, bishops from various countries have called on the Chemin Neuf. For the past year, a fraternity has been serving the parishes of Saint Paul ...

Chemin Neuf Jeunes

A constant translation

Mustapha Amari

Founded in 1980, the youth mission led by the Chemin Neuf Community has gone through many successive "waves", trying to discern what best suits the new generations. Mustapha Amari, who has just returned from WYD in Portugal, describes the pillars of Chemin Neuf Jeunes' pastoral work....


We are members of each other

Anne-Cathy Graber

Following the Chapter, the Community celebrated its 50th anniversary by inviting around a hundred "friends in the Lord" to a day of fellowship, celebration and reflection. Four round tables, with the participation of leading church figures such as Archbishop J. Welby and Cardinal J-M Aveline, addre...

14-18 Fraternity

Growing up in freedom

The presence of couples and families in the Chemin Neuf Community very quickly led it to accompany teenagers, particularly during its highlights. The "Samuel fraternities", then "the Jo's", brought these young people together for a wide range of sporting, musical and charitable activities. In 1985,...

Lifetime commitments

A fruitful step of faith

Martine and Michel Kremer

At Easter 1986, in the cathedral of St Jean, Lyon, a celebration brought the Community together around Mgr. A. Decourtray, Archbishop of Lyon, on the occasion of the lifelong commitments of several members. For the first time, consecrated couples and single people made a definitive commitment togeth...

First session Cana , July 1980

« A poor man who loves another poor man »

Bruno and Anne-Marie Coutellier

An initial session on the theme of married life brought together some forty members of the Charismatic Renewal in 1975 at La Baume Sainte Marie in the south of France, including some members of the very young Chemin Neuf community. This community, made up of couples and single people, some of whom w...


Three points of hope for our next 50 years

Laurent Fabre

Father Laurent Fabre founded the Chemin Neuf Community with seven other single people in October 1973, and was its leader until the 2016 General Chapter. Today, he expresses his wishes for the future of the Community: to remain faithful to its ecumenical vocation, to continue to follow "poor and hum...