Janine Ladet

married, ccn, Ste Foy-lès-Lyon

8 juin 2024

First neighbourhood fraternity

It’s great to be back!

In 1978, Cardinal Albert Decourtray asked our brother Emmanuel Payen to take on responsibility for the parish of La Duchère in Lyon, a district built in the 1960s after the end of the Algerian war to accommodate repatriates, and therefore of great cultural and social diversity. Emmanuel said he would accept on condition that a fraternity from the Community accompanied him.

And that’s how our little fraternity settled in La Duchère in the autumn of 1978. Marie-Louise Chaveyriat was already living in the area, Jean and Mado Taveau, Claire Daurelle, Bernadette Marchand and I moved to La Duchère with my 14-year-old daughter. Jean and I were still working.

Fraternity life.

Our flats were close to each other and we could meet easily, help each other and have free time together. Our fraternal life revolved around four services a week: two in the mornings at Jean and Mado’s and two in the evenings at Claire’s. We really enjoyed getting together to pray and listen to the Holy Spirit as we embarked on our mission in this neighbourhood.

On Wednesday evenings, a meal (in the Community we had a reputation for good food) brought us together before our time of fraternal sharing.

Parish life

The parish had four churches, one of which was closed and became a Maison de l’Enfance.

Emmanuel’s presence facilitated our integration into the parish. Naturally, we joined the existing teams; preparing for the baptism, liturgy, chaplaincy, etc. Claire was in charge of pastoral care and chaplaincy. This also facilitated integration.

Before we arrived, there was a small prayer group including Marie-Louise. These people prayed for others to join them. That’s what we did, and the Lord brought many people from the neighbourhood and surrounding area. We met in the crypt of the Plateau church every Tuesday.

This community prayer group was a place for fraternal meetings in the neighbourhood, rich in its diversity. We took part in the quarterly meetings of all the prayer groups in the region, in Neuville

Other commitments

As well as the parish, Jean and Mado were very active in the local social centre, teaching literacy and other skills. Some of us also took part in the migrant reception organised by the Foyer Protestant. A few years later, other families joined us: Fossier, Poussin, Cote, Jacqueline Martin.

What I retain from this first neighbourhood fraternity is a great unity between us, a great joy in being together in the service of the Lord in the Church. ■ J. L.

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